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At Performance Mortgage & Financial Services LTD, we are confident that you can get your dream house with a mortgage broker in Edmonton. We are located in Edmonton, AB, and our financial consultants have over 35 years of experience. We are dedicated to every one of our customers who want to take control of their financial situation and recover from bad credit or bankruptcy. We can help you find the right mortgage broker to get a loan or a first-time mortgage.

Performance Mortgage & Financial Services LTD does not turn any mortgage application away. Even if your credit is bad, we want to give you the help you need to be successful in this economy. With our experience and knowledge, we can support people who are facing foreclosure or provide personalized refinancing solutions. Our team of experts can also help you with financial planning regardless of your income. We can keep the cost of our services to a minimum by offering competitive rates.

We offer free advice, because we believe everyone deserves a chance to make his or her financial future positively solid. Talk to us at Performance Mortgage & Financial Services LTD in Edmonton, AB, and discover an attentive customer service department that is ready to work for you.